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Below you will find course syllabus for some courses offered in the Apparel Design Program. The course syllabus may not be the official one, but is meant to provide an indication of course content and structure. Contact the instructor for the official syllabus. The course syllabus is posted at the discretion of the instructor.


ADes 1221 Apparel Assembly Fundamentals (Dunne) Fall 2017


ADes 2211 Illustration for Clothing Design  (Berglund) Spring 2018


ADes 2213 Textile Analysis   (Griffin) Fall 2017


ADes 2214 Softline Anaylsis (Holschuh) Spring 2018


ADes 2221 Apparel Design Studio I  (Strange) Spring 2018


ADes 2222 Apparel Design Studio II  (Griffin) Fall 2017


ADes 3217 Fashion: Trends and Communication   (Reiley) Fall 2017


ADes 3223 Apparel Design Studio III  (Griffin) Spring 2018


ADes 3224 Apparel Design Studio IV   (Dunne) Spring 2018


ADes 3225 Apparel Design Research   (Bye) Spring 2017


ADes 3227 Technical Design Studio (Dunne) Fall 2017


ADES 4121/APST 5121 History of Costume (Reiley) Spring 2018


ADes 4215 Product Development: Softlines   (Griffin) Spring 2018


ADes 4218W Fashion, Design, and the Global Industry (Wu) Fall 2017


ADes 4225 Apparel Design Studio V (Strange) Fall 2017


DES 5185 Human Factors in Design (Holschuh) Spring 2018


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