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In the apparel design program students develop an understanding of the textile and clothing product development process, including design, production, and marketing. Students are challenged to integrate knowledge of the product with consumer needs and business constraints.


Academic Programs in Apparel Design



Design Bachelor of Science Degree in Apparel Design


Students in our Bachelor of Science (B.S.) program develop a broad view of apparel design and are prepared for professional leadership opportunities. They learn to use the design process to develop wearable products for real bodies and real people. Taking a garment from concept to finished product requires creative thinking, critical thinking and technical skills. From the runway to space travel, and mass production to custom design, our program is sized to support the individual student. Apparel Design students build an intimate community with all the advantages of a large university, and an ever-growing network of alums from across the country. Courses cover social, economic, and historical aspects of apparel and include industry projects and service learning opportunities. Students are challenged to integrate knowledge of the product with consumer needs and business constraints. Students take five sequential apparel design studio courses in an industry designed studio. A required internship ensures that students gain professional experience.


Students entering the program should have apparel construction/assembly competence and a working knowledge of computers and office software. Students are encouraged to use the liberal education categories to explore multicultural themes and make interdisciplinary connections.



Graduate Studies in Apparel Design


Graduate study in Design with an emphasis in apparel studies advances both theoretical knowledge and applications for textile and apparel products related to human behavior. Students may focus on design, aesthetics, apparel product development, material culture, historic dress, social science aspects of dress, consumer behavior, and merchandising. Upon completion of the graduate degree, students are prepared for teaching and research positions as well as other careers within the textile and apparel industry.


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